Exhibit 21.0

List of Subsidiaries
  State or Country
Subsidiary*of Incorporation
ATCO Rubber Products, Inc.Michigan
Mueller Brass Holding Company, Inc.Delaware
Mueller Brass Co. (Assumed name: Mueller Brass Products)Michigan
Extruded Metals, Inc. Delaware
Mueller Industrial Realty Co.Michigan
Itawamba Industrial Gas Company, Inc.Mississippi
Mueller Plastics Holding Company, Inc.Ohio
Mueller Brass Forging Company, Inc.Delaware
Mueller East, Inc.Delaware
Mueller Formed Tube Company, Inc.Delaware
Mueller Impacts Company, Inc.Delaware
Mueller Press Company, Inc.Mississippi
Mueller Refrigeration Products Company, Inc.Delaware
Mueller LBHC, Inc.Delaware
Lincoln Brass Works, Inc. (Assumed name: Mueller Gas Products)Michigan
Overstreet-Hughes, Co., Inc.Tennessee
Mueller Refrigeration LLCDelaware
Mueller Refrigeration Holding Company, Inc.Delaware
Mueller Streamline Co.Delaware
Mueller Copper Tube Company LLCDelaware
   Mueller Fittings, LLCMississippi
   Mueller Fittings Company, Inc.Michigan
Kessler Sales & Distribution LLCDelaware
B&K, LLC (d/b/a BK Products)Delaware
Heatlink Group USA, LLCTennessee
Precision Tube Company, LLCPennsylvania
Mueller Southeast, Inc.Pennsylvania
Southland Pipe Nipples Company, Inc.Texas
Mueller Tool and Machine, Inc.Delaware
Mueller Castings Company, Inc.Delaware
Mueller Packaging, LLCMississippi
Micro Gauge, Inc.Michigan
Microgauge Machining, Inc.Michigan
Propipe Technologies, Inc. (Assumed name: Mueller Gas Products)Ohio
WTC Holding CompanyMichigan
   DENO Investment Company II, Inc.Michigan
   Tecumseh Products Holdings LLC (7)
   Tecumseh Products LLCMichigan
        MA Industrial Secured Lending LLC (5)Delaware
Muellux Holding Company I SARLLuxembourg
Muellux Holding Company II SARLLuxembourg
Mueller Middle East B.S.C. (8)
Mueller Europe Investment Company Ltd.United Kingdom

  State or Country
Subsidiary*of Incorporation
Jungwoo Metal Ind. Co., Ltd. (6)
South Korea
   Mueller Europe, LimitedUnited Kingdom
Westermeyer Industries, Inc.Illinois
Sherwood Valve Products, Inc.Ohio
Sherwood Valve LLC Delaware
DENO Investment Company, Inc.Michigan
Mueller de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (1)
The Mosack Group, LLC (2)
DENO Holding Company, Inc.Michigan
B & K Industries, Inc.Illinois
Mueller Copper Tube Products, Inc.Delaware
Howell Metal Company (d/b/a Precision Tube)Virginia
Turbotec Products, Inc.Connecticut
Mueller Canada Holding Co. Ltd.Yukon Territory
Heatlink Group, Inc.Alberta
Great Lakes Copper Ltd.Nova Scotia
Linesets, Inc.Delaware
Climate Components, LLCDelaware
Arava Natural Resources Company, Inc.Delaware
United States Fuel CompanyNevada
King Coal CompanyUtah
Canco Oil & Gas Ltd.Alberta
Aegis Oil & Gas Leasing, Ltd.Alberta
Bayard Mining Corp.Delaware
Washington Mining CompanyMaine
Amwest Exploration CompanyDelaware
USSRAM Exploration CompanyMaine
White Knob Mining CompanyIdaho
Arava Exploration CompanyColorado
Summit Systems, Inc.Delaware
Mining Remedial Recovery CompanyDelaware
Carpentertown Coal & Coke CompanyPennsylvania
U.S.S. Lead Refinery, Inc.Maine
Leon Water Enterprises, Inc. (9)
Macomber Construction CompanyOhio
Macomber, IncorporatedOhio
Macomber Building and Land CorporationDelaware
Mueller Copper Tube West Company, Inc.Utah
MII Financial CorporationMichigan
Mueller Streamline Holding S.L.U.Spain
WTC Holding Co. I, LLCDelaware
WTC Holding Co. II, LLCDelaware
Mueller Comercial de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (3)
NICNA Mexico Servicios, S. de R.L. de C.V. (4)
Mueller Streamline II, LLCDelaware
Changzhou Mueller Refrigerant Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.China
Mueller Industries Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China

  State or Country
Subsidiary*of Incorporation
Mueller Streamline Trading, LLCDelaware
Mueller Streamline China, LLCDelaware
*All subsidiaries are 100% owned, except as shown.
(1)  Owned by DENO Investment Company, Inc. (99.94%) and Mueller Streamline Co. (.06%)
(2)  Owned by DENO Investment Company, Inc. (17%)
(3) Owned by Mueller Streamline Holding S.L.U. (99.983%), WTC HoldCo I, LLC (0.016%), and WTC HoldCo II, LLC (0.001% )
(4)  Less than 1% of the outstanding common stock is owned by WTC HoldCo I, LLC
(5)  Owned by DENO Investment Company II, Inc. (50%)
(6)  Owned by Mueller Europe Investment Company Ltd. (60%)
(7) Owned by DENO Investment Company II, Inc. (50%)
(8) Owned by Muellux Holding Company II SARL (55%)
(9) Owned by OWL Petroleum Company (50%)